Info for those attending.

We welcome you to attend the Whiskey and Cigars event held on October 14th at the Reno Elks Lodge. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Tickets are $75 purchased online in advance and $100 online starting on Oct 12th or at the door.

Inside, there will be multiple tables with at least 25 kinds of whiskey available to try. Outside, we will have the ability to lounge while you enjoy a cigar.

Hors d'oeuvres will be served with a cheese and sausage bar.

Please drink responsibly. A designated driver or use of a car service should be considered by each individual that attends.

Whiskey List

  1. J.P. Wiser’s: Rye Tripple Barrel

  2. Nobushi Japanese Whiskey

  3. The Wiseman: Kentucky Straight Rye Wiskey

  4. Oregon Marionberry Whiskey from Eastside Distilling

  5. Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey

  6. Paddy’s Old Irish Whiskey

  7. Tenjaku Whiskey Pure Malt

  8. Tatoosh Rye Whiskey

  9. Danny Boy Premium Irish Whiskey

  10. High West Bourbon

  11. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

  12. Crown Royal Blenders’ Mash

  13. 10 Torr Single Malt Whiskey

  14. Woodford Reserve Double Oak

  15. Widow Jane 10yr

  16. 1792 small batch

  17. Knob Creek 9yr

  18. Basil Hayden 8yr

  19. Calumet small batch

  20. Old Forester 1920

  21. Angel Envy Bourbon

  22. Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered

  23. Stranahan’s Blue Peak whiskey

  24. Teeling Single Malt

  25. WhistlePig 10yr

  26. Limavady Irish Whiskey

  27. Two Bitch Eureka Gold

  28. St George Breaking and Entering whiskey

  29. Seven Seals

  30. Frey Ranch Distillery

  31. 7 Troughs Distilling

  32. NV36 Comstock Distillery

  33. Offkiltur Peanut Butter Whiskey from Verdi Local Distillery

  34. White Dove Whiskey from Dovetail

Sponsor our event!

Please consider sponsoring our event.

  • $1,250 Food Sponsor - name at station, name promoted at event, 2 tickets included

  • $1,000 Cigar Sponsor - name at station, name promoted at event, 2 tickets included

  • $500 Whiskey Table Sponsor - name on table, name promoted at event, 2 tickets included

Q and A

Who benefits from this event?

  • The Boy Scouts of America, Nevada Area Council

Where / When is the event?

What is the dress for the night?

  • Business Casual

What kinds of whiskey will there be?

  • There will be at least 25 whiskeys on hand along with an assortment of a few other great drinks. The variety of whiskeys will include local brands, varieties from around the country and world that will be whiskey, bourbons, and scotches.

Will there be food?

  • Yes, there will be a variety of sausages, cheeses, fruits, and a splash of chocolate.

Will the Elks Lodge Bar be open?

  • Yes, the Lodge Bar will be open, but these drinks are not included with the event and help benefit the Elks Lodge.

Will there be additional asks for support?

  • Yes, Scouting will have opportunities to make a donation and support through the night's auction.

How do we get our cigar?

  • Each attendee will receive a ticket at the entrance for a cigar.

Will you stop pouring to a person?

  • We reserve the right to stop pouring for any attendee for any reason.